NeulNET system leads future wireless network developmen…

NeulNET, the newly developed and implemented end-to-end system that uses license-free and does not occupy TV spectrum, was recently recognized by IET (British Institute of Engineering and Technology) as a major advancement in the field of wireless networks. NeulNET allows devi ---MORE---

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Application of ARBOR in MRI

The magnetic resonance (magneTIc resonance, MR) phenomenon was discovered independently in 1945 by the Stanford team led by Bullock and the MIT team led by Purcell. But it was not until the birth of spectrometers with high magnetic fields, high resolutions, and Fourier transfo ---MORE---

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Analysis on the development direction of industrial aut…

Introduction: The world's industrial automation industry has formed an oligopolistic situation in which a few multinational companies have produced on a large scale and divided up the global market after decades of heavy waves. In recent decades, with the rapid development ---MORE---

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Explore the slow growth of OLED behind the scenes

It is no news that Chinese panel companies are not working on OLED. In the first half of 2012, Samsung, LG and other global LCD panel suppliers have shrunk their performance in China. The market share of domestic panel makers led by BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics increased s ---MORE---

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On the skill development mechanism of military and civi…

Establish and improve the military-civilian communication and coordination mechanism in the field of electronic components technology At present, at the level of information channels, Zhang Sumei and Li Jie Penghao, a military-civilian coordinated development mechanism in the field of electroni ---MORE---

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Analysis of the combination of sound system and listeni…

The sound system pays attention to a match, and it is more difficult to match the sound system with the room. No matter how high your audio system is, as long as it does not match the listening environment, it will be a waste of money. One sentence is the problem of spatial di ---MORE---

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The characteristics and use of electronic delivery of n…

For the quantum dot confinement system, the number of free electrons is reduced or even depleted under the applied bias, and at this time, a few electron system is formed. Due to the small number of electrons involved in transport in the system, the spin effect of the electron itself and the in ---MORE---

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