Unicom, Telecom iPhone5 will be listed simultaneously

Unicom, Telecom iPhone5 will be listed simultaneously On November 2, 2012, according to relevant sources, the telecommunications version of the iPhone5 will be available at the same time as the Unicom version of the iPhone5. The time-to-market is approximately December.

According to the relevant content displayed on the national radio management website, the Apple iPhone 5 has obtained the National Radio Authority approval and 3C certification for the camera. After obtaining the network access permit from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Apple iPhone 5 is eligible for listing sales.

According to the plan, China Unicom and China Telecom will start selling iPhone 5 at the same time in early December, and there will be no other versions of the listed products before this. Currently, the above two operators are making final product and marketing preparations for the launch of the iPhone5.

For the time-to-market, previous news that China Telecom launched the iPhone 5 will start selling in early December, so it is predictable that China Unicom will also start selling the iPhone 5 in early December. The Apple iPhone 5 is working with two operators at the same time in China and will no longer be in favor of each other.

At present, Unicom and Telecom's iPhone5 contract package has been determined, iPhone5 16GB Unicom Edition iPhone5 contract price is 5880 yuan, for a three-year period of 286 packages available free of charge. The telecommunications version of the contract price is 5780 yuan, for the three-year period of 289 packages can get a machine. However, Unicom and Telecom officials have not confirmed this yet.

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