Philips launches Hue bulbs with WiFi control

Recently, Philips introduced an LED bulb that uses the iPhone, iPad (with built-in application) WiFi control, which can adjust the brightness and color independently, and the color scene changes with the heart.
Each Hue bulb is fully customizable in light color, and the app for controlling the color of the light has four default modes built in: Relax, Read, Concentrate, and Vibrant. Users can set different lighting scenes for each room, and change or cancel them at regular intervals. You can also use the stored photos in your phone to define a light color template.
In addition, this product has a very powerful customization function, users can set the lighting atmosphere, remote control, help to get up/sleep according to their own living habits. Hue bulbs also focus on energy saving and environmental protection. In the case of the same brightness as traditional 50W incandescent lamps, only 8.5W of electricity is consumed.
According to Philips, each controller can control up to 50 bulbs. If the user already has other custom lighting systems in their home, the Hue bulb can also be connected to the original controller via the ZigBee LightLink standard.
Currently, the only application for controlling Hue bulbs is the iOS version. Controllers and bulbs are only available in the App Store. The entire system is $199.95, including three Hue bulbs and a wireless controller. A separate Hue bulb is $59.95. Android users can only control the light bulb online through the Hue website, and the application will not be available until December.

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