Color TV industry turns to take advantage of the Internet

Color TV industry turns to take advantage of the Internet Sun Dongwen, president of Skyworth, recently received an interview with the media on the financial report of the first quarter of fiscal year 2012 of Skyworth Group. In the interview, Yang Dongwen stated that the color TV industry is on the eve of a technological change, and the development of new technologies has made it mature and stable. The color TV industry is expected to become a sunrise industry. At the same time, the reformers who hold high the banner of new technologies often come from the outside. Traditional TV companies need to use their existing strengths to gain a firm foothold in the future. They also need to actively make up short boards to increase their strength and strive for a bigger market cake in the future. itself.

The eve of huge change in color TV industry will become Chaoyang Industrial TV is experiencing a shift from a single “functional” TV to a smart TV that offers more human-computer interactions.

"For the overall development of color TV industry, I am optimistic, color TV industry is changing from traditional industries to sunrise industry." Yang Dongwen said. As technology advances, television is experiencing a shift from "functional" television to smart television. As the technological progress in the transformation process is fast, there are many opportunities and the industry has become more and more lively. IT companies represented by Lenovo and Apple have come in. Internet companies represented by music have also come, and many more. The eager to try. "The color TV industry is on the eve of a technological change. As the technological changes drive, color TVs have changed from traditional industries to sunrise industries, and the involvement of big global brands such as Apple will expand the industry, allowing more consumers to focus on TV terminals, and even It is a good thing for the industry before consumers pull back to the big screen of the family,” Yang Dongwen said.

Obviously, the shortcomings of the short-sleeved TV can be sung by the smart TV industry. Once they have found a good business model, they can take advantage of the user base and use the existing consumer groups to quickly promote services.

"Whatever the development, TVs are primarily hardware products. Software platforms are built on hardware. A hardware product must be competitive, and must have strong industrial design, supply chain management, manufacturing and distribution capabilities. The accumulation of large color TV companies in these areas over the years is something that any new entrant can't match.” Yang Dongwen said.

The next major technological breakthrough in the three major directions of products that cannot relax TV will be human-computer interaction, and the industrial chain including chip companies will need to work together.

Enterprises that do hardware should also hold the product. Yang Dongwen said that the future development of television products still revolves around three main lines—displays, chips, and platforms.

Display. The sharpness of the screen, the saturation of the colors, and the fidelity of the screen are the directions that the display industry is always chasing. Skyworth has already launched a new 84-inch 4k×2k ultra-high-definition LCD TV product in August this year. At the same time, it released a number of large-size “UHD ultra-high-definition cloud TVs” that have boosted sales and ensured Skyworth TV’s fur. Interest rate level. Yang Dongwen said that in the future 4k×2k will still be a hot spot in the industry, OLED is also the next direction of development, and at the same time, the evolution of 2D to 3D will continue, and the future direction is naked eye 3D.

chip. The demand for computing power of televisions from smart TVs is getting higher and higher, which puts new demands on TV chips. At the same time, people's new pursuit of human-computer interaction also requires chip efforts. At present, the interaction between humans and TVs is still a remote control with precise features. However, the human-machine interaction of mobile phones has changed from a single keyboard to a touch screen, a camera, and various sensors. Is it possible for television to change? The method of voice control, face recognition, and gesture recognition has been introduced on the aircraft, but the penetration rate is not yet high and the accuracy needs to be further improved. Yang Dongwen believes that the next technological breakthrough of televisions will be mainly in human-computer interaction, and the industrial chain including chip companies needs to work together.

Background capabilities. In the smart age, TV will provide a variety of content and services in addition to traditional video programs, including content on demand, social services, payments, education, etc., which will test the company's back-office operations and service capabilities. As mentioned above, Skyworth has enhanced its relevant qualities by establishing teams to strengthen its back-office capabilities and relying on external forces to enhance service capabilities through cooperation.

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