Maoshuo Power has been awarded 4 patent certificates by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Moso Power has recently received four patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, including one invention patent certificate, two utility model patent certificates, and one design patent certificate. The details are as follows:

Maoshuo Power said that the acquisition and application of the above patent certificates will help the company's product structure upgrade and production efficiency improve, which will help the company to further improve the intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, and leverage its own intellectual property rights to enhance the company's Core competitiveness.

Hengstar designed item Industrial Stretched Bar series LCD Display customized for different display resolutions, it is especially for industrial application, provide high quality image, the structure solid, rugged 15mm Aluminum front frame,3mm Aluminum chassis,  strengthen the organic board protection, can be easily mounted touch screen, tempered glass display surface box, avoid dust, waterproof, avoid vibration.

Stretched Display

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