Smart TV is so popular that you need to be careful

Smart TV is so popular that you need to be careful What is a smart TV? Smart TV is a fully open platform equipped with an operating system, allowing customers to install and uninstall various types of application software while enjoying normal TV content, and continues to expand and upgrade the functionality of new TV products. The arrival of smart TVs is in line with the trends of "high-definition," "networking," and "intelligent." When the PC has long been intelligent, mobile phones and tablets are also in a large area of ​​intelligence, TV this screen will not escape the IT giant's eyes, it will certainly become intelligent.

It is understood that the smart brands on the market are increasing. Haier, Hisense, Skyworth, Changhong, TCL, Philips, Sharp, Samsung, LG, including the recently launched high-profile smart TV, can be said to include the three countries of China, Japan and South Korea famous brand. In the aspect of competitive advantage, Chinese and foreign brands have their own merits, South Korean companies have been in the forefront of the industry in terms of technology research and development, Chinese companies are not lagging behind in application technology, and Japanese companies are slow to develop in this round of technical competition. In general, smart TVs should meet the following requirements: first, they should have Chinese voice capabilities; second, they should have open application platforms and rich application programs; and third, they should be able to achieve multi-screen interaction between different operating system platform terminals. Fourth, the hardware configuration is not lower than the main configuration of the PC. Fifth, it is possible to control and operate the television with gestures, actions, and the like.

As an ordinary consumer, how should one choose how to buy a smart TV set? Xiao Bian believes that for the concept of smart TV market, there are many kinds of speculation, consumers often can not help but compare the product features and promotional publicity, easy to cause impulsive consumption, wait until after buying home, did not feel very practical, so consumers are buying smart TV When it's time, it's best to be pragmatically oriented, rationally treat products that adopt new concepts, and not be blinded by promotions, resulting in impulsive consumption.

The start-up battery is the soul of your vehicle.  It starts the Engine, and generates the energy necessary for the operation of all other vehicle's electric aspects. But did you know that it only has two years of life approximately?  Since during the unloading process and float charging, the battery's negative plate is sulphated fast, Reducing the functional capacity of the battery, until its complete inoperative. That's why we present the start-up Battery Pulse Protector. We offer you a fully automatic battery maintainer and protection system, it works 24 hours a day. Battery protector is not a battery charger. It is a patented electronic Sulfuric Crystal Cleaner which will eliminate the battery sulphation which is the main cause of problems and failures in lead acid start-up batteries. This battery pulse desulfator keeps the battery's condition as new, provides faster starts up your car or truck. Extends battery lifespan up to two or more times and reduce recharge time. Increase the capacity for your charge to last longer between recharges. Helps to protect the environments because it reduce the number of batteries that are discarded every year.

How is it installed? Lugs connect directly to the battery terminals.Easy Installation of 12V300Ah Battery Smart Pulse Protector

Designed especially for frequently-charged 12-Volt battery systems, the 12V Battery smart pulse protector and pulse maintainer ensures maximum performance on both single 12-Volt lead-acid batteries as well as two or three 12-Volt batteries connected in parallel. The battery pulse protector is ideal for any kind of vehicle or UPS with a 12-Volt battery system that is charged on a regular basis, including cars,trucks, ships, emergency vehicles,military battery backup power and vehicles in sudden war,wind and solar power battery, motor, UPS.Installation to Cars start up battery GPS and Bluetooth

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