Grab the LED car lighting market, Jingdian actively cut into the Korean car factory

The penetration rate of LED lighting for vehicles is constantly rising. The product specifications of the automotive lighting market are strict, and it is necessary to invest in human resource cost certification for a long time. However, the price of LEDs for vehicles is stable, and the order is stable after entering the supply chain. A niche market that is actively entering.

Li Bingjie, chairman of the LED chip factory, said that in the past, Jingdian has entered the supply chain of the European car factory. Recently, it has successfully entered the supply chain of the Asian car factory. At present, it is actively seeking to cut into the supply chain of the Korean car factory.

Li Bingjie said that the LED automotive lighting market can be divided into automobile original and after-sales maintenance market. The application fields can be divided into three parts: interior lighting, exterior lighting, and headlights, etc. From the market point of view, the LED vehicle lighting penetration rate is about 10-15%, and the LED factory has the highest proportion of the two major international manufacturers OSRAM, PHILIPS Lumileds, and the two major manufacturers in the automotive LED lighting market. 50% and 25% respectively.

In addition to OSRAM, PHILIPS Lumileds two international LED factories, Nichia is driven by the willingness of Japanese automakers to gradually gain a foothold in the LED car market. Li Bingjie pointed out that Jingdian has been quietly cultivating the car market. It has entered the supply chain of some European car factories very early, and has successfully entered the Asian car factory supply chain recently. Currently, it is trying to certify with the Korean car factory.

Li Bingjie said that the main growth momentum of the LED automotive lighting market lies in the running light. However, the crystal power has not been shipped to the headlamp application. According to the overall revenue of the crystal power, the LED lighting revenue of the vehicle has not yet accounted for 10%. However, the automotive market will also be a major application area for the company.

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