WHDI officially released the wireless home digital interface specification WHDI 1.0

WHDI officially released the wireless home digital interface specification WHDI 1.0

WHDI LLC today announced that the WHDI â„¢ (Wireless Home Digital Interface) specification was formally drafted and put into use.

The WHDI standard supports 1080p / 60Hz full HD display with Deep Color (dark color) technology, with an effective transmission distance of 100 feet and can pass through walls. No other wireless standard can achieve this level of high-quality and high-stability transmission, nor can it guarantee easy wireless transmission between multiple rooms. With WHDI, consumers will be able to build a wireless high-definition network at home to enjoy the latest content and interactive services.

WHDI is a leading standard for wireless and multi-room transmission of high-definition video. It enables manufacturers to provide more value-added products for home consumers, and can achieve more high-definition content sources (electronic products, personal computers and Mobile devices) and TV. The WHDI standard formally ensures that products purchased by consumers with the WHDI logo can be directly interconnected and provide high-definition content and services, avoiding complex and expensive wiring tasks.

Leslie Chard, President of WHDI LLC., Said: "WHDI is the only solution that can meet consumer expectations and needs for high-quality, multi-room HD wireless link solutions. WHDI further promotes the further development of two strong trends in the audio / video industry: HD The diversification of content sources (now including personal computers and mobile devices) and the increasing number of high-quality, low-price HD displays in consumers ’homes."

Motorola Academician Dr. Paul Moroney pointed out: "WHDI meets an important need of the family, that is, the demand for wireless connectivity, providing families with flexible, stable and more additional functions. Stable wireless connection and exchange More and more high-quality content can be transmitted to consumers' high-definition displays in a more friendly manner. "

Dr. Yoav Nissan-Cohen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amimon, said: "Consumers want to access all of their high-definition content, whether it is through a convenient computer, mobile phone, set-top box or other device. WHDI enables manufacturers to produce to easily meet this demand. Devices, and no other wireless technology can provide this connectivity with WHDI quality and stability. "

WHDI-wireless connection of high-definition display devices in the home

WHDI enables manufacturers to extend high-definition connectivity from personal computers and convenience computers and mobile computing devices to wireless TV. By using WHDI-certified products, consumers can easily transfer high-definition content from the set-top box in the living room to other high-definition TVs in their homes. They will be able to add TVs to their bedrooms, kitchens, playrooms and other places without worrying about wiring.

WHDI-Technical Brief WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) sets a new standard for wireless high-definition video connections. It provides high-quality, uncompressed wireless links that can support up to 3Gbps (including 1080p / 60Hz) video data transmission rate in the 5GHz unlicensed band 40MHz channel mode, in line with the global 5GHz spectrum regulations; effective transmission distance exceeds 100 feet, can pass through the wall, the delay is less than one millisecond. In addition, WHDI leverages HDCP 2.0 to provide excellent Hollywood-approved security and digital content protection.

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