How to pick a cloud server? Teach you how to play the cloud server

Today we are talking about cloud computing servers, but before we talk about it, let’s talk about cloud computing. Cloud computing, no matter how it is defined on the Internet, its essence is actually a way of service. For example, the way we play games now is to have a computer with a good configuration, and then download a game from the Internet, so What we need is computers and games. With cloud computing, what we need is the display and the network (of course, the input device of the mouse and keyboard is also needed), this is the simplest cloud computing service, we only need to use this product, no need to consider how to make This product, how to maintain this product, this is the most direct service in cloud computing is SaaS - software as a service.

In addition to SaaS, cloud computing also includes PaaS and IaaS. In fact, when you understand SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are the same. SaaS is the product we use directly, PaaS can customize the products we need, IaaS can Control the equipment we make our products. Simply put, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are three modes of increasing openness. These three modes are also recognized as three types of services in cloud computing.

So what are the characteristics of cloud computing?

1. The ultra-large-scale "cloud" has a considerable scale. Google Cloud Computing has more than 1 million servers. The "clouds" of Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo have hundreds of thousands of servers. "Cloud" gives users unprecedented computing power.

2. Virtualized cloud computing allows users to use a variety of terminals to obtain services at any location. The requested resource comes from the "cloud" rather than a fixed tangible entity. The application runs somewhere in the "cloud", but in fact the user does not need to know the specific location of the application, only a laptop or a PDA, you can get a variety of powerful services through the network service.

3, high reliability "cloud" uses data multi-copy fault tolerance, computing node isomorphism interchangeable measures to ensure high reliability of services, using cloud computing is more reliable than using local computers.

4. Universal cloud computing is not targeted at specific applications. Under the support of “cloud”, it can be constructed for a variety of applications, and the same “cloud” can simultaneously support different application operations.

5, the high scalability "cloud" scale can be dynamically scaled to meet the needs of application and user scale growth.

6, on-demand service "cloud" is a huge resource pool, users buy on demand, like tap water, electricity and gas billing.

7. Extremely cheap "cloud" special fault-tolerant measures make it possible to use extremely inexpensive nodes to form a cloud; "cloud" automation management significantly reduces data center management costs; "cloud" utility and versatility make resource utilization Significantly improved; “cloud” facilities can be built in areas with abundant power resources, thereby significantly reducing energy costs.

Cloud computing requirements for servers

After learning about cloud computing, let's go back to the cloud computing server. There is no clear definition of cloud computing servers, and there is no unified standard. Compared with the traditional server, the traditional server includes a processor block, a storage module, a network module, a Power Supply, a fan, and the like.

Cloud servers focus on high-performance throughput computing capabilities, focusing on the sum of work over time. Therefore, the cloud server is very different in architecture from the traditional server.

Architecturally, the cloud server architecture includes a cloud processor module, a network processing module, a storage processing module, and a system processing module. The advantages of this architecture enable the cloud server to greatly improve the utilization rate, adopt multiple cloud processors to complete the system design, introduce low-power management concept to complete centralized redundancy management of the system, and save a lot of duplicates in the system. hardware.

Cloud Server

A cloud server generally includes the sum of all calculations of functional units such as threads, cores, processors, networks, and accelerators. Therefore, cloud computing generally has a huge data input or a large working set. So what capabilities should the server have? Let's talk about it in detail.

high density

High-density and low-cost is basically the basic requirement of the cloud server. According to the characteristics of the cloud computing center itself, the cloud server should be consistent with the high-density, low-power, low-cost features of the cloud computing center, that is, mainly for large-scale deployment. Cloud application. High-density servers reduce latency and increase response speed. Currently, high-density servers are mainly divided into multi-path racks and blade servers.


The ability of server virtualization can directly affect the effect of cloud computing. Because server virtualization technology implements real-time migration of some virtual machines in high-load nodes to low-load nodes, merging multiple low-load virtual machines into one physical node and shutting down redundant idle physical nodes to improve The efficiency of resource utilization makes the load balanced, so that the performance of the upper layer application is guaranteed, and the purpose of reducing energy consumption is also achieved.

Therefore, cloud computing can realize the deployment and configuration of virtual machines by using server virtualization technology. The rapid deployment and real-time migration of virtual machines can greatly improve the performance of the system, and the software system can be adjusted by adjusting the virtual machine resources. Scalability ensures that the system can quickly recover from failures and continue to provide services, improving system reliability and stability. Therefore, when purchasing a cloud server, the degree of support for server hardware virtualization is an important factor in considering the server.

Scale out

According to the first feature of cloud computing, "ultra-large scale", the horizontal scalability of cloud computing servers has become crucial. At present, Intel has introduced a scale-out storage solution, which can be combined with Intel hardware. A large number of file access provides a higher database and better scalability, and Intel 10G NIC can be combined with Intel virtualization technology to provide a more efficient, secure and simplified way for the entire cloud computing center to ensure cloud data The flexibility of the center.

Parallel Computing

In some form, cloud computing is a technical route of distributed computing, parallel computing, grid computing, etc. Conceptually, cloud computing can be regarded as an organic combination of "storage cloud" + "computation cloud". Computational cloud refers to parallel computing. Therefore, the infrastructure of cloud computing is first to ensure parallel computing.

to sum up:

In summary, the cloud computing requirements for the server itself are not very high, but there are certain requirements for the structural flexibility of the server, and on the other hand, the computing density, virtualization capability, and whether parallel computing can be implemented for the server. The ability to focus on these aspects, so we go to the selection of the server, combined with the above four requirements to do, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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