The ZigBee Alliance rebuked the Nanjing Federation of Materials Infringement. Whose fault is it?

Recently, an e-mail from the ZigBee Alliance Chairman Tobin was rumored on the Internet. The content of the e-mail was mainly to condemn China Nanjing IOT, accusing the company of causing a very large unfairness to the members of the ZigBee Alliance. Time network debates are repeated.

In this regard, the reporter consulted relevant information and interviewed an industry insider who asked not to be named. According to the person, the zigbee alliance is a non-binding loose organization. Although it is an international organization, it is only a very simple one in the United States. The office, according to relevant industry sources, this alliance can be admitted as long as the money is paid, there is no requirement for the joining company, and even many companies that do not want to do are in the list of members of the alliance. The enterprises in the member list do not represent the company. The development of zigbee technology does not mean that the company's products have been certified. The person joked that organizations such as China will be characterized as a pocket money package.

The ZigBee Alliance rebuked the Nanjing Federation of Materials Infringement. Whose fault is it?

The person further analyzed that from the perspective of the US Zigbee Alliance, this is also a helpless move, because according to Chinese law, China Nanjing IOT has indeed obtained the trademark authorization of the State Trademark Office and can legally use it in China. The "zigbee" trademark, and the Zigbee Alliance and its member companies use the trademark in their products, packaging, etc., allegedly infringing, which means that any commercial activities of the US zigbee alliance in China will be greatly restricted, according to Nanjing IOT The person in charge of the legal department said that because it may involve the infringement of the exclusive right of our company's trademarks, we do not rule out on-site forensics in any activities of the US zigbee alliance in China, to effectively protect the company's legal rights and ensure that the company's trademark rights are not infringed. As for the Nanjing IOT mentioned in Tobin's mail, which seriously violates the intellectual property rights of the ZigBee Alliance, the person in charge said that if the Zigbee Alliance believes that the IoT infringement, they can completely solve it through legal channels, they now use this kind of mail. Forms treat the IoT itself in a way that is not conviction Suspected infringement.

Regarding the certification issues mentioned in the mail, the relevant person in charge of Nanjing IOT said that we have never said that our products are certified by the so-called American Zigbee Alliance. They do not have trademark ownership and are not qualified to issue certifications. The issuance of the so-called zigbee product certification certificate in the US market is obviously a naked infringement, and we will certainly ask the court to stop it.

The reporter contacted BOC, and the firm's lawyer explained that according to China's trademark law, if a company obtains trademark registration qualification only in certain trademark classification categories, another enterprise obtains the same logo trademark qualification in the remaining categories. The logo can be used by both companies, but the difference is only in the scope of use. Therefore, in theory, in the Chinese market, Nanjing IOT has the qualification to issue zigbee product certification. Of course, such qualifications must comply with relevant laws and regulations of China.

A person in a circle said that the e-mail that sent out such a content as a CEO of a self-proclaimed authoritative organization really surprised all outsiders, and this kind of mail that did not match its identity was very eye-popping. It also makes Chinese companies see the American organization in fact. This email has not only had a positive impact on the zigbee alliance, but has made more Chinese companies aware of the true face of some so-called international alliances. It is not a wise move. It also makes people understand that such an organization is still immature and there is still much room for improvement.

Finally, the relevant person in charge of Nanjing IOT stressed that we have a basic disposal principle for trademarks and other intellectual property rights, that is, this trademark must be a Chinese company in China, and any foreign enterprise or alliance wants to take advantage of it. In the meantime, we do not rule out the recording of the VoIP conference with the current Chairman of the Board and the President of the Alliance in due course.

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