Guaranteed personal and traffic safety night lighting can showcase the city's style and features

Reshaping the image of the city's environment and strengthening the city's landscape features The implementation of night lighting in the city can increase the sense of honor and pride of the citizens and is also regarded as a symbol of urban prosperity and progress. The nightscape lighting that guarantees good personal and traffic safety can not only show the style and characteristics of the city, but also improve the security situation of the city. For example, plaza and road lighting meet the basic requirements of ensuring safe and smooth traffic such as reliable identification and visual effects, and help prevent crime.

Promoting business prosperity The government's image awareness, public welfare behavior and commercial business practices are intertwined to promote the diversification of lighting. Lighting standards, light color, square lamp and street lamp installation height, spacing and different styles of lighting, as well as the landmark lighting of key buildings, help to clarify the city square and road structure and urban structure.

The lighting design is not systematic, lacking the overall sense. Most cities have no unified planning for night lighting. The group lighting of individual lighting is not effective. The competition in commercial image even leads to the phenomenon of brightness and color of landscape lighting. Urban lighting systems do not have the overall structure of point, line and surface.

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