APEC "Light Red Carpet" main designer: Precision lighting is the world's first

I believe that the audience who watched the APEC welcome dinner will definitely remember the "red carpet". That night, as the team progressed, the red LED lights slowly spread like waves, eventually forming a large red carpet with LED lights, reaching the North Gate of the Water Cube.

"We hope to create the feeling of the waves, the effect is really shocking," said Zheng Jianwei, the chief creative designer of the red carpet and the lighting design office of the Beijing Architectural Design Institute. Where does the idea of ​​"Light Red Carpet" come from? What technological and human elements are it contained in it? Designer Zheng Jianwei shared the story behind the "Red Carpet of Light" to the reporter.

Why choose "China Red"?

The "Chinese Red" presented by the red carpet of lights is undoubtedly the most dazzling color of the night. Zheng Jianwei said that the choice of authentic Chinese red is a comprehensive consideration of many factors. "Red is the traditional color of China and is familiar to and loved by the Chinese people. For the foreign leaders who participated in the conference, a red carpet dedicated to them, They can also let them feel our respect. We will make a red carpet of light by considering factors such as art and culture, and finally get a particularly good response in both China and foreign countries."

However, it is not technically easy to present an authentic "China Red". According to Zheng Jianwei, because the red line of the LED lamp is very narrow, and the road ground has a basic color, in order to find a suitable line, the design team has undergone many experiments to present the most authentic "China Red" on the same day.

Difficulties precise lighting breakthrough technology is a world first <br> <br> Commenting on the biggest difficulty making APEC lighting the red carpet, and see Zheng Wei explained to reporters two key points: First, low-angle, long-range LED flood light evenly technology; two It is a high-precision infrared sensor control.

“We need to evenly illuminate the 9-meter-wide road with light distribution technology from a low height of 400mm. The general street lamps are up to 10 meters. Considering the welcome of the roadside, the final design of the lamp is less than half a meter high, and it is guaranteed. The color of the red carpet is even. In addition, the design team uses high-precision infrared sensing control technology to ensure the carpeting effect. The low height of the lamp and the precision of the entire lighting system are the first in the world.” Zheng Jianwei said.

Zheng Jianwei also said that in the future, this technology has a wide application scope and a large development space. For example, it can be used in wedding scenes, guest welcomes, movie festival star red carpets, etc. Compared with the traditional red carpet with high cost and one-time use, the red carpet with bright colors, low rent and reusable can save energy and bring a strong visual impact.

Although the promotion of technology will take time, the lighting show has left a deep impression on the public, which is the biggest recognition for designers. "The successful realization of this lighting effect is inseparable from the hard work of the creative technical team and the strong support of the relevant departments. The public's recognition of the effect of 'China Red' to welcome the Quartet is our best award." Zheng Jianwei finally said.

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