Jinan sampling inspection lighting products LED lamps all pass

On the 11th, it was learned from the official website of Jinan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau that from January to April 2015, the bureau organized a special municipal supervision and inspection of lighting product quality, and a total of 15 batches of lighting products produced by 8 enterprises in the city were randomly selected. The results show that they all meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

This spot check is based on the requirements of GB7000.1-2007, GB/T17263-2013, GB/T24908-2010, SJ/T 11141-2012 and other standards, the structure of the lamp products, protection against electric shock, insulation resistance and electrical strength, internal Electrical safety items such as wiring, heat and flame resistance, and electrical safety items such as insulation resistance and electrical strength, temperature rise, mechanical strength, heat and flame resistance of electric light source products, and main photoelectric performance items such as power, luminous flux, and light efficiency, and LED display The structure, function, safety, and electrical performance of the screen were examined.

Summary of city-level quality supervision and spot check results of lighting products

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