Smart TVs dominate online video for 27% of U.S. households

With the continuous popularization of the Internet, to a certain extent, it has changed many people's habits, especially the TV has also had a profound impact. For example, everyone can watch exciting online video programs through smart TV or Internet TV, providing everyone with new options for watching traditional TV programs. Recently, Parks Associates research, a well-known market regulation agency, released a group of viewers’ statistics on online video broadcasts in the United States. The results show that over 27% of households currently have online streaming media including smart TVs.

Watching video on smart or web TV has become a trend

The survey was conducted for resident residents in the United States. The statistics dated from January to March 2015. The results show that 27% of households in the United States currently watch online video through various devices, and more than 90% of devices access the Internet instead of watching local video content. Statistics show that 77% of U.S. home users currently use smart TVs to watch online video programs, while the rest of the U.S. households use the Blu-ray high-definition player's network capabilities to watch online videos. It can be said that smart TV and network Blu-ray players occupy a large market share.

Parks Associates research, a market research director at Barbara Kraus, stated that, to a certain extent, streaming media programs such as online video promote the development of home appliances such as smart TVs and Blu-ray high-definition players. It is also a development opportunity and it should be properly grasped.

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