ZTE and AMD launch ZXCLOUD iBOX CT340E cloud terminal products

Recently, ZTE and AMD (AMD) released the ZXCLOUD iBOX CT340E, a new cloud terminal, and added a new general to the CT340 series of ZTE's cloud terminal star products.

ZXCLOUD iBOX CT340E cloud terminal products are powerful, secure and reliable, support flexible deployment, easy to maintain, and have a very good cloud experience. The product uses AMD's embedded G-series SoC system-on-a-chip, supports high-speed SSD solid-state drives, supports 1080P HD video playback, and provides the best low-power graphics and computing performance on the market, ensuring high-performance IT applications for cloud terminals. The experience is more satisfying for customers' growing multimedia and HD video playback needs. With the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, wireless coverage, fast transmission, backward compatibility, low power consumption, low latency. Avoid complicated wiring, facilitate data sharing, transmission, restore a clean and tidy environment, and bring users a more comfortable application experience. Provide a complete management system, support security protection, interface management, network monitoring and other security processing, layer protection, support system and application upgrade, terminal configuration deployment, peripheral interface control, system policy management, power control, task customization, terminal monitoring Minimize the difficulty of operation and maintenance and reduce the cost of OPEX for users.

ZTE and AMD (AMD) release new cloud terminal products

ZXCLOUD iBOX CT340E cloud terminal

As the world's leading provider of ICT solutions, ZTE has established a strong presence in the cloud terminal field. With its strong independent R&D and innovation capabilities, ZTE has implemented the new thinking of ZTE CGO (Cool, Green, Open), ZTE's cloud. The terminal products form a complete product and solution system including hardware, software, systems and solutions.

With the continuous deepening of the technology industry, cloud terminals based on "Internet +" are becoming widely known. At this time, the cloud terminal product market is surging. With the leading R&D and innovation capabilities, ZTE will promote the gradual growth and development of the cloud terminal ecosystem, and further promote the vigorous development of the cloud computing industry. The future “cloud market” will be more worthy of expectation.

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