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From the memorandum in her schoolbags to the enthusiasm of the literary youth, we always hope that we can write down the good ideas we have in our heads; there are Moleskine, which Picasso loves to use, and there are muji. Although these are literary and artistic, the biggest problem is that there are more and more books, and carrying them is not something that everyone can do and do well.

Therefore, Sharp launched an electronic notebook for such a group of people.

Before Sharp launched the S20 in 13 years, in November 15th, the upgraded S30 went on the market. Compared to previous versions, hand-written notes and plans that can be saved are expressed to 3,000 pages, about one-third more. Another 1,000-page trip plan was added.

At the same time, because of the power-on password, there is no need to worry about security. In actual operation, S30 has a total of 5 kinds of handwriting weight selection, can complete the page copy and move, insert the action, you can also set page protection for a single page.

One of the places where youngsters are suitable for our ever-changing youngsters is that the S30 can actually be replaced with a holster – how fancy whistle can be loved. – There are currently 2 colors, brown and black. The color suitable for business needs.

As with all electronic equipment Haitao, we must pay attention to the inside of the system, the general system is a native Japanese system, need to be familiar with, but fortunately this is not a very difficult thing. In addition, since the screen does not have a backlight, it is necessary to turn on the lights when using it at night, and to pay attention to some efforts when writing.

The personal feeling that this notebook is most attractive is that it is lightweight and able to record native notes, that is, the process of your thinking can be recorded, is a more basic note-taking article, but also because there is no other function, you can keep the user’s Concentration will not interfere with other features. If the self-control is very powerful baby, in fact, you can also try the combination of iPad Mini + Evernote, after all, it is colored!

Product parameters

Color: brown, black

Size: 1551119.9 mm

Screen: 6-inch, 600800 resolution

Weight: Host 200g, with leather case about 260g

Buy Home Index : ★★★

When used for 3 hours a day, the battery can be used for 30 days. It is ideal for people who need to concentrate on thinking, enjoy handwriting, and want convenience.

Way of purchase : Japan Amazon

Reference price : 13,406 yen (approximately 836.17 yuan)

You know that you are a prodigal child! Come and talk with us, and buy a buyer! Let these digital gadgets meet the small truth in your life.

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