WeChat public number resorts to killer, or will launch a paid subscription

At 11 o'clock last night, the blogger on the Internet said in a friend circle that:

WeChat public number also resorted to a big killer! Paid subscriptions.

Just last night, a screenshot of the home page of the “Xihuahua Entertainment” WeChat public number broke, and the bottom of the screenshot shows the “pay subscription” function module.

So Xiao Bian immediately went to the account, but the page showed no such public number.

Baidu search "Sihuahua Entertainment", also did not have any relevant information.

Afterwards, we found that the original WeChat public account number “Change Entertainment” has been renamed and cancelled. From its historical record, it is very likely that the WeChat official payment test information.

The afternoon of the previous day, a WeChat operator disclosed that the original statement function of the public number background was internally reprinted from the status bar, and the original “Allowed Reloading” was updated to “Paid Subscription”.

Click "Paid Subscription" to display "Original reprint status: No reprint, white list feature for paid articles is not available."

Judging from all the signs, the WeChat account number will probably launch the reading payment function, but the official has not yet given a response. In fact, as early as 2015, there were media reports that the WeChat public number plans to launch a subscription charging function: account operators can require followers to pay for subscriptions, but it has not yet been implemented. With the introduction of the pay-reading module, such as Zhiyao’s platform, this may be a reference for WeChat to implement this function.

Interestingly, Xiaobian made a micro-blog related to the WeChat public subscription feature. The result was an interesting one:

This message was actually identified as commercial advertising information by Weibo. I do not know how it felt after Wechat saw it.

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