First Solar Razer Core External Graphics Dock & Precision 5510 Mobile Workstation Complete

The IBM Convertible 5140 weighed five kilograms in 1986. It is known as the world's first laptop. Since then, under Moore's Law's blessing, the industry has continued to improve in the balance of performance and weight. Today, laptops have been able to replace desktops in many occasions. However, in the case of snail shells, high-performance notebooks are still heavyweights that cannot be thinned, and more than three kilograms can be found everywhere. The main difficulty during this period is the power supply and corresponding heat dissipation specifications required for high-performance graphics cards.

Fortunately, with the birth of the thunderbolt thunderbolt interface, its high bandwidth and multi-protocol let people see the possibility of flexibility - notebook external graphics. Sony's Z2/Z13 before and after the launch of the two generations of notebooks to make people shine, is 1kg business notebook out of the head, home plug in the docking station is a small steel gun (the highest standard pressure i7 + HD7670m), is used Light Peak fiber solution with a homology to Thunderbolt.

Once amazingly VAIO

As for the Thunderbolt generation and the second generation is basically the one-sided operation of the Apple MacBook Pro, many lightning peripheral peripheral manufacturers such as AkiTio also provided the external graphics hardware foundation in disguised form, and many enthusiasts are struggling to enjoy the loss, probably can control the loss at 5 %about. Thunderbolt 3 uses Type-C to enhance physical compatibility in appearance, but the vendor is Dell. HP and Lenovo are the first to adopt the mobile workstation product for business users. Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth reaches 40Gbps (5GB/s), which exceeds 4GB/s of PCI-E x8, and bandwidth is not expected to be the bottleneck of external graphics cards. Intel's high-performance NUC Skull Canyon骷髅 Canyon announced on the occasion of its support for Thunderbolt 3 external graphics card, which is matched with today’s main character Razer Core.

Razer Core is a Thunderbolt 3 external graphics dock officially released by Perez, a peripheral manufacturer, at the 2016 CES. It has a built-in 500W power supply and supports 375W power consumption graphics cards. In theory, the mainstream single-core flagships of both Nvidia and AMD are available. Get it. As an Intel-selected external graphics dock, Razer Core is not only compatible with Razer's own laptop. It can theoretically be compatible with all devices with Thunderbolt 3.0 interface, as long as the corresponding vendors can open the underlying support.

Razer opened its official website in April and booked for a short time, priced at 499 knives (yes, Thunderbolt peripherals are not cheaper), bundled with Razer's own Blade series notebook can enjoy a discount of 100 knives. Annoyingly, after the pre-sale was opened, the bouncing was continued. Almost six months had not yet been shipped. Of course, this was not a problem with the Razer family. So far, ASUS, Gigabyte, and Dylan have announced three external video card docking plans. Hengjin even failed to give the expected release date. According to informed sources in the industry, performance tuning was not satisfactory due to insufficient experience in the field for the first time. In the Thunderbolt 2 era, Akitio, who dominated the show, was able to control the performance at BIRTV2016 to within 5%. However, Intel's certification system was severely restricted and could not be listed for the time being.

Gossip less to say, recently special channels to start a Razer Core, one by one "Ray" to share with you as a reference (Wind Bounce end date is September 16th), as a Thunderbolt peripherals in the era of forward-looking.

Razer Core

The inside of the packing box is relatively simple, a docking station body and an accessory box (power line + lightning three wire).

Simple packaging

Out of the box, some of the fast-forward, docking body metal material, good texture, LOGO conspicuous. Of course, the resulting weight is also quite impressive, reaching five kilograms, which is close to the weight of a conventional 12L itx cannon.

The front face and the top of the radiator shape structure, increase the air circulation area, of course, for Razer's design ideas is mainly hollow to see the lights, put a green light of another belief.

Green belief

Eyes came to Kikuchi, with power outlets, three lightning interfaces, one RJ45 wired network port, and four Ray-green USB 3.0 ports. Lightning three interface because of its high bandwidth, multi-protocol can bring greater expansion to the notebook exposed in this, but unfortunately due to Intel's experience in the external graphics card protection, limiting the graphics card dock can only carry a single lightning three interface That means you can only put it on the last chain of the daisy chain, which limits flexibility to some extent.

Back interface

The mystery of loading and unloading the graphics cards is also here, the hidden handles on the left are opened, and the interior is pulled away like a drawer.


We can see that Enhance's 500-watt power supply provides two 6+2pin power cords. Unfortunately, it is not a better visual line. Of course, the specifications should be able to cope with most of the situation.

500w built-in power supply

PCI-E slot, there is no explicit specification, but in view of thunder and lightning three bandwidths are higher than x8, the material should be x16 specifications will not be lost here.

Video card inserted here

The lower half of the PCI-E slot hides an FCN's brushless fan, which helps the overall heat dissipation. There are two hidden fans in the dock.

After watching the interior, look back at the bottom shell, the serial number and authentication information are well hidden in the bottom non-slip feet.

Dell Precision 5510 Mobile Workstation

This time, the Dell Precision 5510 mobile workstation is paired with the Razer Core, which is in line with the critically acclaimed narrow bezel XPS 15 9550. It has a similar appearance but uses a stronger CPU (i7-6820HQ and E3-1505m V5). And professional graphics (optimized for several productivity software) as well as better power control and improved functionality of the BIOS.

The Precision 5510 is a powerful productivity tool, but it is also a leader in the lightweighting of mobile workstations. The weight of this machine is about 1.8kg. The big man with nearly four kilograms of his Precision 7710 has a small difference in CPU performance. .

The prominent feature of the appearance is the narrow border, here the left drawing borrows Zhang Ama to show a contrast with the iPhone 6, thank you.

The aforementioned CPUs i7-6820HQ and E3-1505m V5 are quad-core and eight-threads i7-6700 (without K) that can be close to the desktop in performance, but the graphics card is limited to power consumption and heat dissipation using a professional card. The entry-level NVIDIA Quadro m1000m is well suited for graphic design and light editing. However, if it is high-performance graphics processing, it is a bit unsatisfying, but fortunately this machine is not one of the mainstream market with Thunderbolt 3 notebook, there are still plenty of expansion of the external can be explored, such as this time to explain the external graphics card. By the way, the Quadro m1000m is roughly equivalent to the GTX 860m in terms of game performance, sucking "watch pioneer" for smooth effects.

The Precision 5510 and Razer Core are powerfully expandable through a single lightning triple cable link. In addition to the external graphics card, there are RJ45 wired network adapters and more USB ports that the machine does not have. Unfortunately, the 5510 comes standard with a power supply specification of 130W, which exceeds the 100W of the lightning standard. Otherwise, laptop adapters can be omitted. It is worthwhile to note that the length of the cable itself is 1250px, which is a bit cramped. However, the longest lightning cable that can be certified at present has recently reached one meter. It is later than the date of shipment of this RazerCore. Will the version improve this deficiency?

Take a look at each of the two branches to see the internal structure of Precicion 5510. There is a rubber strip on the D surface to raise the fuselage and give the heat dissipation hole more air circulation space. Disassemble is also done from the D side, in addition to a circle around the screw, hidden in the model nameplate there are two and do not forget.

The one-piece D-surface removed can be vaguely seen as a trace of the entire aluminum plate, and the black insulating sticker shows two hollows, corresponding to a pair of cooling fan positions of the machine.

The internal structure is clear and beautiful. In the lower left corner are two hard disk drives, which are the 2.5-inch Sata (which can mount solid-state or large-capacity mechanical disks) and the M2-bit that supports PCI Express x4 (only SSDs can be installed).

the whole frame

Hard disk roll cage

The PCI-E x 4 speed solid state is what posture level, as shown in the Samsung PM 961 NVME solid state, is one of the best, and because it is the OEM goods soon after delivery, or use the old driver to run points.

PM 961 NVME solid state

The center of the machine is a pair of DDR4 memory slots, supporting up to 16G2. Above the memory are the CPU and the GPU, which are fan-heated by a pair of fans connected by heat pipes. Therefore, the Precision 5510 provides a maximum E3-1505m V5+ professional card m1000m+ wide color gamut 4k screen + 32G memory +1T MVME solid state +2T mechanical storage disk and a potential external expansion possibility brought by Thunderbolt 3 through a rational design.

After reading the Precision 5510 and then let us return to the fit posture. After installing the Dell official Intel Thunderbolt driver and Razer Thundercloud software (including the Razer Core driver), the Thunderbolt controller recognizes the external Razer Core, but It was immediately shown that "this computer does not support external GPUs" and suddenly the chrysanthemums are tight.

Fortunately, after installing the oldest version of the desktop graphics card driver (required for clean installation), the machine normally recognizes three graphics cards, namely, the built-in single-display m1000m, the CPU-integrated HD 530 and the Razer Core. GTX 1070, the three swords can't be SLI, but only one by one on the rest of the crowd.

From this multi-screen configuration interface can also be seen, you can make different graphics card is responsible for different things, such as set through the HDMI on the fuselage to light the external screen, while the only significant GTX1070 to drive the VR helmet HTC Vive. This is also the main application scenario of this tossing. Virtual reality games have high requirements for the graphics cards. Generally, the notebooks cannot provide enough graphics processing capabilities, but the daily office entertainment does not need to be powerful and noisy. The big guy who runs the lanterns is obviously not suitable to go out to business occasions. The light and thin exterior alone is a good solution to my own contradiction in this demand.

In one sentence, it was appropriate to talk about Thundersoft's setup software, Thundercloud, but the only option that was open to users was lighting: dozens of colors were presented everywhere in this unit: breathing, wave, static, etc. The name is not white.


Of course, cool cool performance is also a loss, GTX 1070 public version in the desktop E3-1231 V3 (3.4-3.8GHz, 80w TDP) under the blessing of 3Dmark 11 X about 7700 points, with the Precision 5510 Mobile CPU i7-6820HQ (2.7-3.6GHz, 45wTDP) plus Razer Core is only about 7,000, about 10% of the loss, but taking into account the CPU gap, and the thunder and lightning three bandwidth is only slightly higher than PCI-E x8 (by The experience compares that PCI-E x16 consumes about 5% of the number of game frames. This efficiency is acceptable.

Actually played with HTC Vive, and did not appear lost frame prompts, VR games is characterized by the overall system delay less than 20ms to get a good experience, so from this aspect, the external graphics card program also performed well in the delay . It is somewhat puzzling to note that in Steam VR, a simple software for testing VR performance, the detection effect fluctuates. Although it is generally higher than GTX 980 (required), it is not satisfactory, nor does it exclude software. Failure to timely update the application scenario of the adapter external graphics card, after all, is identified as set HD 530.


To sum up, the three Thunderbolt external graphics solutions represented by Razer Core and Precision 5510 are not suitable for everyone, and are destined to be the niche market for Hardcore players in the near future. One is that the docking station is expensive, and buying 499 knives of the Razer Core is enough to configure a mainstream desktop other than the graphics card, and the 499 knife is roughly equivalent to a GTX 1070. The price of the graphics card docks for 2,000. GTX 1060 has a sense of top-heavy; the second is less able to fit the notebook, currently only a handful, and only the standard pressure quad-core 8-thread CPU can play the effect of an external graphics card. These two points require the efforts of manufacturers. On the one hand, peripheral manufacturers have introduced more cost-effective and feature-rich lightning card docks (such as Dylan's immigration card, but in addition to the graphics card can also be built into a hard disk), on the other hand notebook manufacturers provide more More than the standard pressure set light and thin; two-pronged approach to achieve only portable this way to laugh at the situation, home external Titans battle effect of the sky ~

Finally, take a picture of the network to wish everyone has a refreshing desk~

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