In the future, there are two kinds of enterprises that can make smart bathroom

In the future, there are two kinds of enterprises that can make smart bathroom

Needless to say, smart bathroom has become the most eye-catching product in the sanitary industry. Traditional sanitary magnate giants, cross-border layout of home appliance giants, and electronics companies are rapidly cutting people's minds, and pushing hard to bring intelligent sanitary wares to the “Spring and Autumn and Warring States days.” According to the statistics of the Intelligent Household Appliances Committee of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, as of the end of 2015, there are nearly 200 manufacturers and operators in the intelligent toilet industry.

However, the other side of the coin is that from the beginning of 2015 to mid-May 2016, smart bathroom products have been sampled at least 20 times for quality problems, and spot checks have been conducted in some areas, and substandard products even account for about 50% of the total number of samples.

The result of everyone's admission is frequent quality problems

With the huge market potential of smart bathroom, numerous enterprises have entered the game. According to data released by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, as of the end of 2015, there were nearly 200 companies producing and operating the smart toilet industry. In 2015, the total output of domestic smart toilets was 3.4 million units, which was 35.5% higher than the 2.45 million units in 2014. The export volume accounts for about 40%, domestic sales and over 2 million units in circulation. The huge market potential, the rapid increase in output, and the consequent increase in the number of smart bathrooms that are experiencing a period of growth are frequent problems.

On May 16, 2016, Beijing Consumers Association released a series of sampling data for smart bathroom products. Samples of 15% of the 20 brands of smart toilet samples tested failed. The results show that the three sample grounding indicators have serious safety hazards, five samples did not use flame retardant materials up to standard, and the input power and current of the three samples showed a large gap between the measured and measured data, and the two sample instructions were missing.

The results of such random inspections are not uncommon in the past few years. Unqualified items are so small that they lack product identification, and they are so large that the product is grounded unqualified, there is a risk of electrical leakage, or the product is unqualified with flame-retardant materials, and there are hidden dangers of fire. The brands involved in the unqualified brands are both familiar domestic first-line sanitary ware brands and international well-known brands; products sold in physical stores under the cable line as well as products sold through e-commerce channels. Obviously, although the smart bathroom market is very big, it is not just a company that can produce smart cover plates with quality. The smart bathroom products are not simply to purchase accessories and assembly. The quality of the sanitary bath industry has also caused great concern at the government level and within the industry. The State Department has even called for improving the quality of smart toilet seats.

It can be seen that the smart bathroom market is a market where both opportunities and risks coexist. Similarly, just like the home appliance market many years ago, the successful ones were to master the core technology and to be stable while being elite, apart from the earliest beach-goers. More companies, because of the lack of technical know-how and blind entry, will be destined to be eliminated in this competition.

Only two types of enterprises can do smart bathroom in the future

“In the field of smart sanitary ware, only two types of companies will be able to expand in the future. One is to master ceramic enterprises with electronic manufacturing technologies, such as Hengjie and Jiumu, and the other is to grasp enterprises with sophisticated electronic precision technologies, such as Midea and Haier. Companies that have an advantage from technology to talented people.” For the current status of smart toilets, a veteran who has engaged in smart manufacturing for many years is so judged.

This remark is undoubtedly a true reflection of the quality of smart bathroom products in 2015. The rapid development of smart products has injected vitality into the sanitary ware industry, and companies from all walks of life have also gathered together. However, the ceramic industry and the smart industry are two completely different industries after all. There is no precipitation of electronic technology, and the threshold of quality is always in front of them. In the past year, many well-known sanitary ware brands faced “flame” due to smart product quality issues.

In the opening scene of this smart bathroom, the Hi-Rang smart bathroom that originated from precision electronics undoubtedly became the biggest dark horse and quickly emerged. Hierkang is exactly the latter's “The next two types of enterprises can do intelligent bathroom” in the mouth of the above-mentioned senior people. From the precision electronics manufacturing company into the smart bathroom industry, its biggest advantage is to master the core manufacturing of smart toilets. Currently, among domestic manufacturers of smart toilets, Hi-Gercom is the only manufacturer with international standards--SMT electronic control panel manufacturing equipment. It manufactures with internationally standardized production equipment and management, ensuring that each product is 100% safe and reliable. .

Although the size of a motherboard of a smart toilet is only between square inches, it is the brain of all the devices. Like the CPU of a computer, the technical level is directly related to the competitiveness of an industry. Due to the characteristics of the smart toilet's mechatronics, the traditional sanitary ware industry does not have an advantage for smart toilets that are closely related to the electronics industry. Many companies need to cooperate with professional smart cover manufacturing companies to cope with the core electronic manufacturing technologies.

On the other hand, home appliance giants have begun to get involved in the field of smart sanitary appliances by virtue of their advantages in electronic manufacturing technology. As a bathroom company said: "We are now the biggest opponent is not the bathroom industry to do intelligent toilet companies, but from the home appliance industry cut into, such as the United States and Haier, and even hi-tech companies that master electronic manufacturing technology. ”

Before entering the field of smart sanitary ware, China-Korea joint venture Hilkon has been engaged in mechatronics business. Since 1990, it has accumulated more than 20 years of technology, allowing it to master the SMT (Surface mount) in smart toilets. Technology) Control board manufacturing technology. Compared with the extensive production of traditional ceramic sanitary ware products, the requirements of SMT on the production process and the accuracy are obviously much higher. This is one of the most proud technologies of Hircol.

Today's smart bathroom industry, the battle has only just begun, the industry is far from a foregone conclusion, do not rule out more companies to participate in this hunting, it may be halfway out. However, the ever-changing needs of the consumer will bring the best experience, the highest quality and the best service to the consumer.

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