Is Sony Dafa good? PS4 Pro pushes "new trade" activity

If you want to buy a PS4 Pro but hesitate to have a PS4, Sony offers you a solution: the trade-in program.

The trade-in plan may be different in retailers in different countries and regions. Currently only the details of the trade-in program for the British GAME store are known.

In the UK GAME store, players need to select a 1TB PS4Pro console in the first week of the PS4 Pro launch. The event lasts from November 10th to 16th. Players need to pay a £20 deposit first.

Then you can take your 500GB PS4 console plus 5 different PS4 games (not FIFA14 and FIFA15) to top half price. In this way, you only need to pay half the money to buy the PS4 Pro.

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