Photographs of an omnivorous dog in the first sun of this site. Photography does not return: Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 15/2.8 Lens


Unconsciously, the time is so fast that from the beginning of the 2 million-pixel Sony Ericsson K750c camera phone to the current SLR in the hands, the calculations, the fate with the camera has been intermittently for almost ten years. From the beginning it was thought that the camera was just a vague concept for photographing, and now it is understood that the camera can not only record life, express their emotions, realize creativity, produce commercial value, etc.. In the past few years, photography has given me Many different life experiences.

First, the lens drying single

Lens purchase and sun list

According to the order of the titles, first introduce the protagonist of this time. It was purchased in July this year. Although the 24-70 in the hand quality is very good, but the feeling of this focal length is practical, able to take into account, the moderation of the mean, and 24 to shoot the scenery always feel less something, so it has been longing to buy a super wide Lens. At first, I immediately thought of Nikon's 14-24 (in fact, only this one was selected). When I first entered the SLR, I bought the shot, but I thought it was a typical affordable product. Lens, so it's 24-70. Is it really destined to meet with it? Don't panic, just as I was putting my shopping cart into the order, another shot came into my eyes - Cai's 15 fixed focus. I immediately went to read the relevant information, this is a 12-year lens introduced by Zeiss, it is equipped with a super wide 110-degree field of vision and f/2.8 maximum aperture. Compared with the Nikon 14-24, the weak point is manual focus and cannot zoom. But an official proof, this distortion and sharpness instantly captured my heart and soul. Immediately check the price, in a treasure to find a few stores, a lot of even out of stock, and later find and find finally found one, under the order, the next day courier brother to send, inspection, sign. Get home, in line with the basic qualities as a friend, out of the box is essential.

In a treasure search Zeiss 15 2.8 zf (Nikon mouth) / ze (Canon bayonet)

Puppy East also has a corresponding product

Figure 1.1 Front of the box

Figure 1.2 on the back of the box

The small blue sign above is really handsome, and can't wait to open it. The camera is lying quietly inside.

Figure 1.3 Lens and Warranty Card

Warranty cards, manuals, product introductions and a series of small cards are all inside. Carefully removed, the component is really full, and all-metal lens body, it feels very weight in the hand. But the weight is also just right. After all, it is 300g less than 14-24. However, the price is almost 3,000, and from this point of view, is it not a lot of cost reduction?

Figure 1.4 lens shots

The black lens body, with the metallic luster, is really different from the Japanese lens in the hand. It can't be said to be good or bad. It just feels that the former is like the original ecology, while the latter is considering the practicality of choosing different materials.

Figure 1.5 lens coating and lens cap

It can be seen that the lens coating of the dish is purple, and the diameter of 95mm can even be above the round filter. This is very surprising to me. This also provides a reference for the selection of the filter system. The hood is fixed on the lens body and cannot be removed. It is said that there are users who do not like it. They can return to the factory and cut off too long. ....... The price, I think it is 200 Euro. The lens cover covers a large caliber cup with built-in suede, which is also designed to prevent the metal from bumping the paint when the lens cap is closed. The coating is purple, and the 24-70 green coating is very different under the reflection of light.

Figure 1.6 Comparison of Zeiss 15 and Nikon 24-70 Coating

Metal bayonet, shiny silver, reassuring. Don't worry about the ass being broken.

Figure 1.7 Close-up of the bayonet

Figure 1.8 on the machine lens

Filter options

When the camera arrived, the problem came. Scenery photography must be a filter, and outdoor photography can't be streaking. As an obsessive-compulsive patient, this is definitely unbearable. So how do you choose a filter with such a large aperture? Is it still a round filter or a brave jumper into the square filter? The price of the 95mm caliber filter is also very high at this time, and it is really painful to twist the thread when superimposing the filter, and this lens is likely to appear hidden when superimposed. So decisively to find the information of the square filter system, there are domestic Bai Nuo, card color, Nai Si Secretary and so on, but the first to be eliminated is the Secretary, and finally chose the platinum sharp G-150Z filter system, you can insert two The filter, with a ND1000 and GND 0.9 150 filter, got the following look.

It really was bigger than bigger.......When the filter came in, it was just a few days when the left wrist was injured in the fitness bench press. After finishing the filter, it turned out to be very heavy and couldn't be moved.....

Figure 1.9 ZEISS 15+ Platinum Sharp G150z Filter System


Figure 1.10 Zeiss 15+ Platinum Sharp ND1000

Figure 1.11 ZEISS 15+ Platinum Sharp GND 0.9

Figure 1.12 Zeiss 15+ Platinum Sharp GND 0.9

Figure 1.13 Zeiss 15+ Platinum Sharp GND 0.9

It can be seen that under the premise of guaranteeing the wide viewing angle, Zeiss 15 has very good distortion control at the edge of the screen. The sharpness of the overall picture is also very satisfying to me, but it is rather troublesome for the lack of autofocus function to shoot in certain situations. . As shown in Figure 1.12, I was kneeling on the ground for low-position shooting. I also needed to use the viewfinder to focus. Experienced friends should know that this shooting posture is more uncomfortable. Moreover, at an altitude of 5,000 meters at the time, it was very difficult to catch the dragonfly when it was blown by the wind. However, for scenes with wide-angle scenes, it is sometimes more useful to set up on a tripod for shooting. This is not very meaningful for the speed of focusing, so it is still within the scope of my acceptance. Figure 1.11 The above thing resembling a dark corner was shocked when I uploaded this picture. I quickly rushed through the original film and found that the original film was not available in the early stage. It was just that my post processing made the sky darker. It looks like a dark corner.

Second, the scenery of the dog's heart - calendar and the camera's indissoluble bond

Sony Ericsson K750c

Starting with a mobile phone with a camera, I remember that year was still a 30w pixel mobile phone all over the world, the domestic cottage voice sounded more than a decade. When the third summer vacation accidentally got used by a parent, this lifetime can remember the model of mobile phone, Sony Ericsson K750c, 200w pixels was really much too much at the time, and also with flash, my God, my young The soul was affected, so he opened up a bond with the camera.

Figure 2.1 Sony Ericsson K750c

The favorite is its back cover. When the camera slides open, the camera starts automatically and you can shoot it across it. When the light is dark, you can fill light. This mobile phone spent my high school years with me, and also recorded the youth of that era. Figure 2.2 A heart-shaped stone seen on the road on the last night of the study

Figure 2.3 A tired exercise

Although this cell phone is now out of date, it is still special because it has special meaning for me. The memory that follows it is also stored with me.

Canon Powershot A650

The first true camera was also graduated in junior high school. Parents dumped me a Canon Powershot A650 to play with me and forgive my child in this small town of the 18th line. This camera completely broke my camera. Inherent understanding. What can be seen through the screen or through the optical viewfinder? The display can also be flipped! ? In my days, can the zoom pull closer? What are the parameters above the roulette wheel? I don't understand, so someone told me to use this AUTO file. Oh! Ok! So almost on and off for three years with this AUTO profile.

Figure 2.4 Canon Card Machine

Figure 2.5 Sanya

Figure 2.6 Coconut Tree

Figure 2.7 Summer

Figure 2.8 Beach

Figure 2.9 Roadside Wildflowers

At that time, as a little white, I didn't really understand what I was photographing, and what kind of light and composition I had, and at the end of the small outsole, there was no one around to be able to instruct. I just took a jerky shot and now I look back to see how I can maintain my seat. The level of consciousness, and most of them are landscape photographs, it is certain that something is doomed. With this camera, I recorded a lot. In the end it was also borrowed by others and traveled to the beach, where it returned with sand. Here as a Nikon powder thanks to Canon's camera, it really made me realize that it can shoot something so beautiful!

Pentax Kx

Heart of mind, after the college entrance examination finally has its own camera, Pentax Kx+18-55 lens. This camera is also the first SLR of life and belongs to its own SLR.

Figure 2.10 Pentax kx+18-55 lens kit

Figure 2.11 Los Angeles Connector Selfie

Figure 2.11 Library Corner

Figure 2.12 A corner of the teaching laboratory

After taking the camera, it was another meal. It was against the ground and the air. Take a picture of the library, take pictures of the scenery, and take pictures of people. It followed my bike into Tibet, recording the scenery along the way and a lot of vivid details.

Figure 2.13 Hanging in Kangding City

Figure 2.14 A view of Chuanxi Road

Figure 2.15 Interaction with Tibetan Children

I used this camera to finish the life around me and took it with me. Later, they also started the 50-135 stars of the Bin family. As shown in Figure 2.11. The invincible rabbit who had borrowed a friend gave me a photo of Pentax.

Figure 2.16 Pentax kx+50-135

Figure 2.17 Messi Highway One Real Human Beast

The words 50-135 lens quality is indeed very high, entry-level machines shoot out the effect is also very delicate. It's still tempting to look a lot longer after the hood is on. Although there is no wide angle so convenient, some scenes, especially the interior will be more troublesome, but this focal length shoot some sketches, portrait works, capture the details of the ability is still very strong. The first time to go with this lens is Phoenix. At that time, the commercialization of Phoenix was not so serious. There was no ticket to say.

Figure 2.18 Panorama of Fenghuang Ancient City

Figure 2.19 Night View of Fenghuang Ancient City

Figure 2.20 Castle Peak in Phoenix

As a landscape dog, the lotus is sure to shoot once!

Figure 2.21 Lotus

Figure 2.22 Lotus II

Figure 2.23 Lotus III

Then there was a chance to go abroad to exchange, and then it also followed me up and walked with me.

We visited Harley-Davidson Museum together and experienced the history and unique charm of American locomotives:

Figure 2.24 A corner of the museum

I also came across Bruce Lee's trail accidentally on the Avenue of Stars (I found it after the photo was taken):

Figure 2.25 Avenue of Stars

Go to Stanford University campus and do not engage in academic shots:

Figure 2.26 Orange Tulip

Figure 2.27 Maple Leaf

Figure 2.28 Green Leaf

Also near Minnesota, vehicles stuck in the snow with help from the locals:

Figure 2.29 trapped sample

On the frozen lake in the local area, the evening of minus 30 degrees and a U.S. emperor trembled in the wind and shook the moon:

Figure 2.30 Frozen Moon

Drive through the desert of Nevada to a glimpse of Las Vegas (only the glasses were washed away by the sea the day before...)

Figure 2.31 A look at the road ahead

Figure 2.32 Narcissism

Or at the beach watching the sunset, the tide rises and falls:

Figure 2.33 One corner of the West Coast

Figure 2.34 Sunset

On the streets of New York, the Brooklyn Bridge was crowded with a crowd of tourists:

Figure 2.35 Brooklyn Bridge

Chasing squirrels in focus at Niagara Falls

Figure 2.36 Squirrel

Or stop and go in Washington:

Figure 2.37 Washington White Tower

Perhaps it was because of constant stop-and-go that I found myself falling in love with the scenery, and at the same time being attracted by the quality of the bigger sensors of the invincible rabbits of my peers. It was like a seed sprouting in my heart. Eliminating the door to Nepal has laid the ideological foundation. The first thing after returning home was to sell the 50-135 lens. The camera did not sell much money and it simply remained.

Nikon D800+ Nikon D5300+ Sony A5000

After starting the Nikon D800, it was a matter of recent years that the Sony A5000 Micro Single Set and the D5300 Single Set were started. Gradually I discovered that real photography fun slowly touched some doorways. But life is always contradictory. When you have more, you often find that time is not enough. A lot of places have gone, but the level is still not rising fast. However, I also comforted myself to say that the next period of intermittent photography to middle age, some things really anxious. As an omnivorous dog, she alone took the several cameras and also recorded some photos. As shown in Figure 2.38 to Figure 2.50.

The Potala Palace was photographed at Yaowangshan. The camera did not stand for several minutes and it began to squall. The lightning was not far from the top of the head. The shelf was withdrawn, and then it flashed one before the other and saw only one half of the rainbow. .

Figure 2.38 Potala Palace of the Potala Palace

The night scene in my hometown is beautiful and I look forward to her getting better and better: Figure 2.39 Yuzhong Peninsula

Shooting out at sunset, I feel that air quality is not really good, but is the air quality in that big city in the country?

Figure 2.40 Yuzhong Peninsula

Looking at the stars on the Spring Festival in Sanya, waiting for the sunrise in the wind:

Figure 2.41 Sunrise Eve

Figure 2.42 Light up the sky

Figure 2.43 Sunrise wins fire

Searching for savage trails in Shennongjia: Figure 2.44 (I don't really know how to name it)

As well as taking a “big black duck” at a school campus Figure 2.45

Figure 2.46

Take a snapshot in Montreal:

Figure 2.47

Figure 2.48

Figure 2.49

Figure 2.50

In addition to taking pictures of the scenery, a friend opened a shop and offered a set of dishes to the shed for free. The first time this was taken, he may still need to learn. However, if you have the opportunity to practice the place, you will be able to earn a toll from the scenery.

Figure 2.51

Figure 2.52

Figure 2.53

Figure 2.54

Picture 2.55

Iphone 6s plus

In the absence of a camera on the body, the mobile phone is also a very convenient tool for me. With powerful filter support, it makes me very comfortable.

Figure 2.56. Enlightenment

Figure 2.57 Yi Zhizhiqiu

Figure 2.58 Little red in the green bush

Figure 2.59 Chahu Lake Crag Wrong

Third, the conclusion

Having been in contact with the camera for ten years, but realized that photography was only three or four years. Learned a lot during this period. From the AUTO file, to the current ISO, aperture, shutter, exposure compensation, filters, and so on, a series of knowledge related to photography itself, but also learn to stop and think about some issues, to the same Things look different things at different points in time. So I myself say lens to see life. Equipment is important, but more people are behind the camera. Thanks for being able to meet the art of photography, driving me to go out and see and let me learn a lot. Although I understand that my camera technology is now much worse than many great gods. However, it is an important channel that can give vent to my tedious and stressful life. It also records the beauty and life I want to record. Some people came to this world and hurried to live their lives. They took nothing and left nothing. As an ordinary person, I think it is possible to leave some memories and let the later students see the path of this life. Did you say it?

Fourth, thank you

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