Enhance home wifi signal, perfect solution to the fifth method

The WiFi signal has become the light of many people's lives, the fire of desire, especially when lying on the bed at the weekend, but what if the home WiFi signal is not good? Here are some ways to help you enhance your WiFi signal.

1, put the router in a clear place

The router and the cable behind the buttocks do not look good, but it is not a good idea to hide the child directly, because walls and doors will weaken the signal. The correct way is to put it higher.

2, away from metal objects and home appliances

Be sure to avoid placing the router near metal objects because the metal will absorb signal strength. In addition microwave ovens, mobile phones, fluorescent lamps, and even neighboring routers will affect the quality of your home wifi signal.

People who are too obese (such as the lord devil) may also block WiFi signals, but this claim has not been scientifically proven.

3, using beer tank DIY to enhance the antenna

As in the early years of the enhanced television signal method, the aluminum in beer and soda can reflect and extend the signal from the router, but be careful not to hurt your hand when you are diy.

4, set a password for the network, and hide the ssid broadcast

A WiFi, the more people who use it at the same time, the slower the wife and child use it, never let the neighbor Pharaoh also come to your network, a very strong password, and hidden ssid broadcast (let others not directly It's useful to see your WiFi name).

5, buy more expensive routers, buy more routers

The truth of cheap and not good goods We should understand that most other routers have a signal coverage of 45.7 meters. Buying more routers (or WiFi repeaters) can effectively solve your problem.

If your home is really too large, you can't guarantee full coverage of the WiFi signal anyway, then the ultimate solution may be to change the house of small dots...

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