Is there a relationship between mouse and ergonomics?

Is there a relationship between mouse and ergonomics?

Introduction: LOL, DOTA, office workers can not do without the mouse, whether you have felt faint pain in your wrist, sometimes lifting the glass but feel it is still difficult to lift the arm, which is likely to be a long time Use the mouse without the consequences of rest. Attention should be paid to preventing it from becoming a "mouse hand". The medical terminology of the mouse hand is called carpal tunnel syndrome, which is due to finger palsy and partial dysfunction caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist tube of the wrist. It is common in life. .

Senior gamers have indicated that they have used ergonomic mice. Does mouse have a relationship with ergonomics? Ergonomics, also known as ergonomics or ergonomics, was a new discipline developed after the Second World War. It sounds so long! Human-machine relationship is the object of research, and actual measurement, statistics, and analysis are the basic research methods. In simple terms, it is how to use the product scientifically. Simply put, this is the mouse you use after the body is not cool, this is a science beneficial to the physical and mental health of the body.

Through long-term research and experiments, the vertical design of the mouse is the most human-like mouse design in a fundamental sense. This design makes the user feel comfortable to use and meets ergonomic standards.

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