Smart TV or 100 screenless projection? Which is your food

Smart homes are now slowly entering our lives, and more and more intelligent products are coming. The dominating tradition in the living room is a large TV. Now smart hardware is always emphasizing how easy it is to use, but 50- and 60-inch TVs are four or five thousand, and the price is alarming. If you want to buy a 70-inch tablet, you will need tens of thousands, which is unimaginable for ordinary families. of. Smart screenless projection slowly into people's eyes, you can easily choose the screen.

Look at millet, LeTV's smart TV, prices are now starting to get higher and higher. And this time it is said that many smart TVs have said that the cost of hardware costs has caused TV to begin to drift higher. At the end of 2016, merchants began to struggle with various interests and choose to continue with the huge profits? The transportation, maintenance, movement, and placement of smart TVs are a very distressing issue. The smart home projector has already begun to be popularized, and you can enjoy a hundred curtains at anytime and anywhere. Horizontal, office and outdoor areas can be easily played. Family members like this simple and easy to use thing. Cool music as the S3 is the most pleasant surprise 1200ANSI lumens, during the day can easily play the screen effect is still very bright, the resolution is 1280 * 800, built-in Swans speaker allows you to enjoy the free audio-visual.

The rich interfaces of today's machines allow you to expand more, USB 3.0, 2.0 interfaces, ANT antenna interface, RJ45 network cable interface, as well as AV interface, of course, power supply headphones can be accessed at the same time. For such a non-screen TV cool music as S3 can easily get, a U disk can be off-line or can be played outside.

Workmanship and packaging are not the cool music as the S3, the future will soon usher in new products. For such a product is still very popular with family preferences, and for the current price of more than 3,000 will be able to enjoy a hundred screen TV without screen smart play is still worth it, because the end of the year will come to coincide with the surprise of the double 12 is coming, missed The annual double 11th, I think this year's biggest discount you will not miss, cool music as the S3 will be the largest discount. Sending loved ones at the end of the year, or performing renovations, requires a decent amount. It's necessary to buy a projector that you can send to your parents for the elderly.

Simple play, simple remote control, this is the new experience that Cool Music regards as the projection of S3 this day can see. For homes, only a home projector is enough. There is no need for several televisions in the living room to be so troublesome. Take a look at Xiaomi, and then take a look at LeTV. The TV is new and there is no change in the basic style. The price of millet music as there is a price? It is now beginning to change to the smart road.

Smart screenless projection, watch TV games, mobile phone synchronization is possible, and cool music as S3 brings the experience is really not ordinary. If you like to play games anytime, anywhere, then mobile game theaters just need a wall. Cool Music sees great results during the day and night. The final choice will soon require more than two thousand prices, which is the best time to start.

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