Hongwei Zhou: After listening to Miss Dong’s speech, she waited for her mobile phone to fall to the ground.

360 Chairman Zhou Hongxuan said at the China Entrepreneur Forum that after listening to the impassioned speech of Miss Dong (Geli Electric Chairman Dong Mingzhu), he could not wait for his mobile phone to fall to the ground. Zhou Hongyi also said that in the industry is divided into two forced entrepreneurs.

Prior to this, Dong Mingzhu said in his speech that Gree once again announced today that it would do a good job on mobile phones. Because you think you have to do it, you have to do the best.

"It was discussed, our house filled with phone, on for a year, I said I do not need that consumers are not using a mobile phone for a year, if there is technical support, support in functionality, can be used for three years Why Isn't it good? You don't regard consumers as fools?"

Dong Mingzhu also said that he hopes everyone will sit in Gree's car, call Gree's mobile phone, control the temperature of air conditioners at home, and enjoy the delicious food Gree brings to you. This is his dream.

The following are some of the lectures in the field:

After listening to Miss Dong's impassioned speech, I could not wait to pull out my mobile phone and fall to the ground. They gave me a proposition: Although you are not a great revolutionary leader level, and compared to the great entrepreneur, I was classified as entrepreneurs in the industry, two forced me, like in the industry continue to explore some of the models, I hope you will give us a lot of tradition Enterprises and manufacturing industries are upset.

So I would like to share the point that the Internet in China has changed the entire Chinese society and the life of each of us. What are the outlets and trends of the Internet in the next five years?

At the same time, when many Internets are talking about trends and trends, what is the relationship between this trend and trends and our traditional industries and manufacturing industry?

In the previous paragraph, several traditional entrepreneurs asked me a question. He said that we are now very confused and feel that your Internet is a big flicker. Because some people say that now from the IT era to DT era, what is DT? It is big data, and the Internet is big data.

Some time ago, entrepreneurs at the Wuzhen conference said that the mobile Internet has ended and now it is entering artificial intelligence. So overnight artificial intelligence has become the current outlet, basically every pig has an artificial intelligence mark.

So they are very confused, and then said, Zhou Hongyi you every day advocating Internet of things, IOT, advocating Internet of things, in the end you who are right?

Actually, I would like to explain that it should be said that everyone is right and they are not comprehensive enough. Just like the blind people touch the elephants, when they predict the direction of the Internet, they all see one side that they are good at. But I think there is a logic, that is, artificial intelligence spite of the heat, but we think about it today, in fact, fundamentally artificial intelligence algorithms and there is no fundamental breakthrough, it is in fact the so-called breakthrough with big data.

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