Clear flow in the smart bracelet-MEIZU Meizu bracelet H1 use evaluation

Reasons to purchase

For the smart bracelet, my own needs are as follows. The first is that I personally like to run. So I value the heart rate function of my wristband and I can test my own movement status. The second is an alarm clock, an ordinary alarm clock or a mobile phone alarm. When the time comes, the sound of a brain sounds very good, which makes people feel very bad, and the vibration alarm clock of the bracelet is relatively soft. The third is the phone some calls, information, including third-party software to remind, I personally feel that this feature is most practical, sometimes meeting or something, the phone is inevitably silent, with a bracelet will not miss. Before I used a light version of a certain rice bracelet, although the experience is good, but more and more feel that there is no screen is not convenient, and finally because of the carelessness of fishing, a certain rice end of life. Later, compared a certain rice bracelet 2 and Meizu bracelet, found that the price of a certain rice bracelet is very high, but I was an outside (bi) association (bi) association, see Meizu bracelet ring one-piece screen was impressed by it Finally, after a period of time, it was time to save food and use it in Jingdong.

Appearance Gallery

experience feelings

I. Daily use of bracelets

The display content of the Meizu bracelet includes time, date, number of steps, calories consumed, power, real-time heart rate, and mobile phone search. The specific display content can be adjusted in the Meizu Bracelet APP according to individual needs. For the display of time and date, the number of steps and other general functions will not be detailed here, focusing on real-time heart rate detection and find the phone function.

Because of the blessing of the display screen, heart rate detection and display can be detected without using a mobile phone, which is more convenient. Of course, if you turn on the "heart rate detection" function in the APP, it will use the default one hour to detect the heart rate. , And draw the heart rate of the whole day into a line chart, analyze your average heart rate, let you see at a glance. When you are running, you can also open the running mode. For the abnormal heart rate in the exercise state, the wristband will give an alarm. This is a design that I think is more human, and serving health is actually a bracelet. significance. As for the heart rate function of the Meizu wristband, I personally measured it through sports. I personally feel that it has done a good job. The accuracy and convenience have been achieved.

Next, I talked about the unique lookup function of the Meizu bracelet. I actually think that the functionality is not too high. After turning on the Find Phone Lookup function in the APP, a magnifying glass pattern will appear on the wristband, which will remain unchanged. Your mobile phone will then send out an alarm sound. This feature I think is for some people who randomly throw the phone at home to prepare. I won't worry about not finding my cell phone. This is a function that is more humane and has a yong (raun) color.

We talk about some of the bracelets themselves, Meizu bracelets used the "reverse wristband" design in the "bowl wristband" trend, I feel I am awkward to wear at first. , But after trying for a day or two, it became easy to get started. It is said that this design also incorporates the design of the ancient Chinese high-force design. The experience is still good. Here I have to mention my one of the most favorite bracelet screen design, I think the one-piece design gives the feeling of forced full, Moreover, this time the Meizu hand ring was black enough, so beautiful The degree is very high, there is a problem, the brightness of the display under the sun is not enough, there will be invisible problems, I hope Meizu will be improved. Speaking of the material of the bracelet itself, I personally feel good. My skin usually has a bit of allergic skin. Some things with leather will be a little red, but this Meizu bracelet has not encountered this problem.

Let's talk about its waterproof performance, the official publicity has reached IP67 waterproof, swimming surf is not afraid. After seeing this kind of publicity, I still don't feel at ease. In daily use, I have been carrying it, including washing clothes, bathing, sweating during sports, and taking the time of swimming. The measured results are still good, but I have not seen any bad ones. Happening. I personally feel that the waterproof performance of the bracelet should be very good, because if you have to take a lot of trouble to wash clothes or take a bath, the convenience is gone. This aspect of the Meizu bracelet is still doing a good job, like a point.

We are talking about this time the charging of this bracelet, it uses a magnetic charging rod, compared to the insertion of a certain meter bracelet to be more convenient, charging speed is also very fast, there is a problem I still compare The worry is that the charging port on the back of the bracelet is not known to be resistant to corrosion, and wearing it for a long time will cause damage and it is still unknown. Another problem is that the charging cable is too short. Sometimes charging is a bit inconvenient.

II. The main page of the Meizu bracelet app

The APP's design style is small and fresh, the function is quite comprehensive, and the stability is also good. Sometimes it is a case of slow synchronization, and it is hoped that the subsequent firmware can solve these problems.

to sum up

This Meizu bracelet design has Meizu's fresh and simple style, and there are not many surprising new features in terms of functionality. The ease of use is quite high, and the corresponding APP is also stable after optimization. After using it for a week, I made the following summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the Meizu bracelet:


The experience of the integrated screen is very good, and the overall feeling of the whole bracelet is very high and the value of the face is high.

The design of the reversible wristband is easy to use and the experience is not bad.

The APP corresponding to the wristband has high stability, and the function of searching for the mobile phone is relatively novel.

The waterproof performance of the bracelet meets the needs of everyday use without having to remove it.

All day resting heart rate tests are more accurate and able to analyze a person's daily heart rate.


Insufficient battery life, after the heart rate test is turned on, the actual battery life is about 5 to 6 days, which is a bit worse than the battery life of a certain rice bracelet.

The brightness of the screen under the sun is not enough, and in some cases it is not clear.

The original charging cable is relatively short, affecting daily use.

Compared to some other bracelets in the market, the price is still a lot higher, and friends with less budget can look at the others.

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