The Lunar New Year movie for the whole family to teach you to use smart TV free to look fresh

The Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon. It is also a great choice to gather with family members to see a good-looking movie. Since the whole family is watching a movie together, surely the theme must be as funny as possible to add to the atmosphere. The movie is better, so Xiao Bian today recommended 10 movies that are perfect for the whole family to watch during the Spring Festival.

No.1: Western Tour Demon Style: Funny, Fantasy Starring: Wu Yifan, Lin Xinxing, Yao Chen, Lin Yun

The storyline is as follows: The movie “Westward Volt” is a follow-up story of Zhou Xingchi’s “Journey to the West” story in 2013. It tells the story of Tang Sanzang’s influence on the killing of Miss Duan’s Qi Tiansheng in the last episode. Afterwards, four people, the Monkey King, the Pig, Sand and the Shaman, and the line of men and women, embarked on the journey to learn from the West. The road is dangerous, in addition to the magic demon demon, the four men and women also have their own growth and change in the process of learning.

No.2: Railway Flying Tiger Style: Comedy, Action Starring: Jackie Chan, Wong Tze Woo, Wang Kai

Highlights of the plot: Around the Zaozhuang section of the Jinpu Railway, there is an anti-Japanese anti-Japanese guerrillas. The guerrillas are mainly composed of several railway workers at Zaozhuang Railway Station. The captain is called Ma Yuan and is the porter's foreman. They work in the train station occupied and managed by the Japanese during the day and secretly conduct activities at night. They use the familiarity of the railway line and the special skills of trains and trains. They use a small guerrilla team and a large number of well-equipped Japanese regular troops. The trial of competition has caused a very large impact.

No.3: Kung Fu Yoga Style: Comedy, Adventure Starring: Cheng Long, Li Zhiting, Zhang Yixing

The storyline: Jackie Chan is a glamorous university professor in Kung Fu Yoga, leading Li Zhiting and Zhang Yixing to travel around the world and take a treasure hunt. In addition to kung fu comedy and adventures, exoticism is one of the highlights of this movie. It is a juggling alleyway in India and fighting with Indian nobles; it is not bad for cars on Dubai streets and local tyrants; Hole, ice skating ladder, feel the beautiful fairyland.

No.4: Dawu style: Comedy, Kung fu Starring: Wang Baoqiang, Liu Yan, Yue Yunpeng, Bai Ke

The storyline: Wang Baoqiang’s first self-directed film, “Battle to Heaven”, combines the elements of “comedy” and “Kung Fu.” In the movie, Wang Baoqiang’s “Wu Kong” has a lot of effort and dedication. The second-generation "Tang Sen," played by Bai Ke, mistakenly made a mistake and set foot on the "Take the Scriptures." The "Zhu Tianpeng" acted by Yue Yunpeng is a narcissistic but loyal little follower, and Liu Jing's "Wu Jing" is a beautiful, sexy, self-possessed, secretive she who joins the Western expedition.

No.5: Combat Food Goddess Style: Comedy, Food Starring: Nicholas Tse, Ge You, Tang Yi

The storyline: The story of "Decisive Battle of God of Cookery" tells the story of the chefs in Guangzhou and the famous French chefs from the French Michelin. The two chefs became friends of the original family and later became good friends. They also competed in the King of Foods Competition. Champion, thanks to Nicholas Tse's "Twelve Taoist Flavors," turned into a chef, Lai Lai Ge You took a movie called "Decisive Battle of God Eater" which is a 100% brand new story. It is an independent work that was developed for two years. The whole family together Look for sure that "laugh" is extraordinary.

No.6: Fantasy Space Style with Bear Infestation: Comedy, Animation Starring: Shang Wenyi, Zeng Wei, Bao Chunlai, Sun Jianhong

The storyline: As the latest work in the “Bear Infestation” series, this time a real-life character will appear in the secondary element world. Shang Wenyi, Zeng Xuan, Bao Chunlai, and Sun Jianhong will cross the “wormhole”, with Xiong Da, Xiong Er, and Liang Diqiang. They met and opened a fantasy adventure. However, whether real people and animated characters can be combined perfectly is also worth looking forward to, not only is very suitable for children, many adults are also very like the bears.

No.7: Happy Comedy People Style: Comedy, Variety Starring: Guo Degang, Yue Yunpeng, Zhang Xiaofei, Allen, Rowin Atkinson

Highlights: The popular variety show “Happy Comedy Man” has also been made into a movie. It is a feature film, and the lineup of the cast, in addition to Guo Degang, Yue Yunpeng, Zhang Xiaofei, Alan and other mainland comedians, even the British laughter “Kidou Mr. Rovin Atkinson will also be featured in the film. The film “Happy Comedy Man” tells the story of a series of “accidents” that came up when comedians such as Guo Degang and Yue Yunpeng collectively went to Macau for closed rehearsals.

No.8: Peerless Master Style: Comedy, Drama Starring: Lu Zhengyu, Guo Caijie, Fan Wei, Chen Chong

The story of the plot: The bully, Lu Xiaoyu, encountered a devastating food xiaoman in one execution of the destruction task. Xiaoyu used Xiaoman to take advantage of his “great task”, and was involved in the delicious food. The bizarre culinary stunts have also been influenced by the sincerity of the master chefs and they have embarked on the road to justice. However, when he opened his cheats, he even saw an unexpected scene. An astonishing secret flashed in his mind, and where is the sacredness of the three religions?

No.9: Ferry Style: Comedy, Love Starring: Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan, Angelababy

The storyline: The ferryman is a superhero in the city. Ferry is to rescue people from pain. They usually seem to be in vain, but they never say rejection to everyone who needs help. As long as you "book an appointment to ferry", you will have a "mission will reach." The neighbor girl Xiaoyu made an appointment for their idol horsepower, but in the process of helping Xiaoyu to challenge the entire city, Chen Mo and Guan Chun also gradually found themselves in hiding.

No.10: Forgetfulness Village Style: Comedy, Fantasy Starring: Shu Qi, Wang Qianyuan, Zhang Xiaoquan, Yang Youning, Zeng Zhiwei

The storyline shows that there was a Yuwang village in the early years of the Republic of China. Fengshui was said to have emperors. Members of the Blessed Lands attempted to join forces with the bandits to collect them. At this point in the village an accidental murder case, so that foreign Taoist Tian Gui was accused as a suspect. Tian Gui relied on the treasures that people could forget about their troubles, rewritten the memory of the villagers, and changed the fate of Yuwang Village.

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