The world's top ten breakthrough technologies in 2017: it is very difficult to understand (Figure)

1. Reinforcement Learning

An artificial intelligence method that enables a computer to learn independently as a person without explicit guidance. The point is that if machines are not able to autonomously hone their skills through environmental experience, the speed of progress in autonomous vehicles and other areas of automation will be greatly limited.

2.360° Selfie (The 360-Degree Selfie)

A consumer-grade 360° panoramic camera that restores events and scenes more realistically. The point is that cheap cameras that offer 360° panoramic shots will open a new chapter in photography and will change the way people share stories.

3. Gene Therapy 2.0

The United States is about to approve the first gene therapy technology, and more gene therapy is under development and approval. The point is that many diseases are caused by a single genetic mutation, and new gene therapy can completely cure these diseases.

4. Cell Atlas

This is a complete catalog of various cell types in the human body. The point is that ultra-precise human physiology models will accelerate the development and testing of new drugs.

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