99 dollars, let your TV seconds become touch screen!

Traditional TV, LCD TV, Internet TV, Smart TV....

Can not see the local TV network

You can see the old-fashioned TV

Both network and local station

Fear of low cost, system failure

Universal Black to these TVs say no...

(I don't watch TV anyway.)

But still give everyone a heavy introduction - Touchjet WAVE, a tall and practical equipment, no matter what type of TV you use, seconds change the touch screen!

Compared to domestic mainstream smart TVs, WAVE recognizes the user's motion commands in front of the screen through infrared sensing technology.

In other words, the finger does not need to touch the screen. Thank god, otherwise it would be very hard to poke on the cell phone. Imagine climbing on a 70-inch TV to climb over and poke.

First, connect the Touchjet Wave to the TV via the HDMI cable, as shown on the top of the TV. This allows you to recognize the user's gestures on the TV screen using infrared sensing technology.

Built-in Android 4.4 system, compared to the early Android system developed smart TV, to avoid the Caton, users can also download a large number of applications do not have to worry about compatibility issues.

Browse the news, watch movies, listen to music and play games without stress.

Cutting the fruit can't stop at all!

Only this WAVE is needed, eliminating the need to buy somatosensory cameras, handles and other troubles.

Smart search information

Smart office

Can draw, learn, video, more features let us video to understand -

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